How to use the Hiking List tool

We all know that for a successful hiking trip, preparation is key. Starting with an exhaustive list of all the equipment you will need during your adventure. The backpack planner list tool aims to simplify that process and help you manage your gear. Here’s a quick overview of how to get started.

Creating a new hiking list

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Each list should be given a name. We recommend going with something descriptive like your future destination or the number of days you are planning to go hiking. By default lists are private but you can make them public if you want other users to be able to consult them and get inspired if they are going on a trip similar to yours.

Import from Lighterpack

If you already have your gear listed on, you can easily import your products to Backpack Planner to save time. Just export your list from Lighterpack in the CSV format and import it here. If the products you had listed are in our database they will be matched automatically. If not, you will have to enter them manually.

Add categories

You will see that our template starts by listing the main equipment categories most hiking trips need. To add other categories like hygiene or clothing you can just click the + sign at the top right of the table. You can also add one category multiple times.

To help you determine what you need to bring on your trip, identify your destination, weather and its duration as this will greatly impact the kind of equipment you need to carry.

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Add products to your list

Time to add your equipment! If you know the name of your products. You can search for them directly in the dropdown list.

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Add equipment from the product page

If you are still searching for your next piece of equipment or would like to compare different products you can click on the category you're looking for directly in your list. This will bring you to the products page with the chosen category already filtered on.

From there you can browse products and if you want to add them to your list you can just click the + sign on the left side of the table. This will add the equipment to the last list you used or were working on. You can always see all your list’s equipment on the right side.

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Create custom products

If you can’t find a specific product you can easily make a custom one by clicking add new at the top of the dropdown list. You can then add the category, brand, model, and weight of your product. You will be able to reuse your custom products in any of your lists. Just need to enter them once.

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You will also be able to see and edit your custom products on the product page.

Manage products weight

You can select the weight units you’d like to use on the website in the main menu. Your choice will be applied in all of your lists and also in the products pages.

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At backpack planner, we know how vital every ounce can be on a long hike. That’s why even though the weights in our database are directly taken from the vendors, you can always change them for your specific product.

Manage products price

The same is possible with the price if you’d like to keep track of the actual price you paid or at another merchant that is not in our database. By default, the price displayed is that of the merchant with the lowest price currently. However, you can also select a specific vendor or enter a price manually. You can also mark the item as purchased if you already have it.

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Share your list

You can share your list on most social media platforms and messaging apps if your list is public. Just click the share icon to create a unique link to your list. Perfect to get a shakedown from the hiking community or to share your list with the people you're hiking with.

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Don’t forget to double check your list before you go on your hike. We are constantly adding new features to improve the listing tool, contact us if there is something you would like to see.