At BackpackPlanner we know how challenging planning a hiking trip can be. We’ve designed this webapp to simplify the life of all hikers.

Our Mission

Make the planning process easy

Whether it’s for an overnight trip or a few months on the PC trail, we’ve created a gear list building tool to help hikers list all the equipment they need before hitting the trail.

Help hikers find the gear they need at the price they need

Hiking can be expansive Our web app is designed to help hikers find new gear at the best price possible. To do so we’ve develop a database that tracks prices from the most popular outdoor gear retailers in the US. The price history charts helps you see easily if the prices are currently competitive.

Build a community

On the long run, our goal is to built a community to help review products, share valuable advice and experience and share the passion for the outdoor.
Our webapp is still in its alpha version and there’s a lot left to do...

So What's Next?

divide between people icon
Divide equipment between multiple people.
product reviews
Community reviews to help you find the best products
price alert
Price alerts : get notified when a product meets or is below your price threshold.
make custom product
Custom product : for when you don’t find what you’re looking for in our database.

Thinking of something else you’d like us to do?